WINTER COMP Training Squads

WINTER COMP Training Squads

Starts Monday 1st May

Check out below:

Week 1 – 1st – 5th May 2017

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Starting winter squad trainings. Over the next couple of weeks coaches will be sorting their teams out. The listed teams are not final.

Please note – 2003 players can play both 16s and 14s and will back up, 2005 players can play both 14s and 12s and will support the 2 teams.

Players in RED are not required to attend this training session. Squad allocations are based on submitted Expression of Interests.


Please note – equipment will be stored at the pools. At the end of each session it is everyone – players and team management’s responsibility to collect ALL equipment and put this away. Gear that is not cared for will NOT be replaced. Everyone is to take responsibility!!

Juniors are encouraged to bring their own balls to training.

ASHFIELD –st Balmain game, please put clocks away.

A bag of 8 x Size 4 stored in a cage under the grand stand nearest to canteen – about 3 cages from the pool entrance. There is a BALMAIN WATER POLO CLUB sign. Key to the padlock is in the key cupboard in the staff key locker (with Balmain lanyard) please ask life guard and return key. Must be locked up at the end of each session. Game clocks kept here too. Last Balmain game, please put clocks away. balls (L14, L1/2, L3, L5), A bag of 8 x Size 5 Balls (M16, M1/2, M3, M4, M7) and a set of white caps. Hooks in the cage to hang caps.

LEICHHARDT POOL – room under the café to the right of the first door – A bag of 8 x Size 4 balls (l12, M12, L16) and a set of caps.  Do not use the goals until new ones are delivered.

MONDAY – 1st May

Leichhardt Pool – 6:45pm – 8pm     L12 & M12 (Born 2005, 2006, 2007)

Ashfield Pool  – 5pm – 6:30pm  L14s (Born 2004 & some 2003)  & M16s (Born 2002,2001, some 2003)

Ashfield Pool – 6:30pm – 8pm All senior men’s (M1/2, M3, M4, M7) & women’s grades (L1/2, L3, L5)


Leichhardt Pool – 6:45pm- 8pm     L16   (2002, 2001 and some 2003)


Leichhardt Pool  6:45pm – 8pm   M14 (2004 and some 2003)


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