A great way to challenge yourself or even do some cross training !!
The Dawny to Cockatoo swim is an Ocean Swims Australia November featured swim …….“Despite the harbour water — which is fine; opaque, but not polluted or otherwise dirty — this swim is a joy; a spiritual journey through Sydney’s maritime and industrial history. It is, too, one of the most beautiful swims on the calendar, and one of the best boutique swims. Outside of one or two in the ocean, we reckon this is about the best boutique swim on the calendar.
Sydney Harbour is a stunning domain. Almost every leg of this course evokes some emotional response, from Cockatoo Island, which we circumnavigate in the main swim, to the return to Balmain, it’s steep littoral rising enigmatically from the Dawny Pool as we had back home. “
TO ENTER or FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO : www.oceanswims.com/Events.asp?Date=2013-11-17      or
                                                                                    CLICK HERE TO Download  Dawny 2013 Entry Form
Entries will be taken on the day between 7am and 8:30am
Entry fee includes a post event breakfast.

Details, details…

  • Event – 11th Annual Dawny’s Cockatoo Challenge
  • Distance – 2.4km (Dawny’s Cockatoo Challenge), 1.1km (Dawny to Cockatoo Swim)
  • Venue – Sydney Harbour, from swim HQ Dawn Fraser Pool around Cockatoo Island and return
  • Time/Date – Sunday, November 17, 2013, first race race start TBA (2.4km swim), and TBA (1.1km). Program is tight due to coincidence with Sydney Ferries timetables through Cockatoo Island. Due to timing constraints, it’s not possible to do both swims.
  • Organiser – Balmain Water Polo
  • Registration – on race day from 7am-8:30am
  • Entry fee – any event, $35 each event prior to race day, $45 each event on race day
  • Online entries close – Noon, Saturday, November 16, 2013
  • Minimum age – 13
  • Water conditions – Generally smooth water as both courses sit upriver from Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some people think this harbour water is not nice to swim in, but that’s not true. We’ve done this swim eight or nine times, and water always has been good. Not as clear as the ocean, but it ain’t dirty. Course is a stunning meander around Sydney’s maritime and built environmental history.
  • Course and event background – There always have been two events at Dawny, but you can’t do both, unfortunately, because they start just a few minutes apart, at 9:10am and 9:15am. The reason for the timing is that the Balmain Water Poloists must calculate carefully with their timing to get the peloton around the other side of Cockatoo Island between ferry visits to the Cockatoo Island wharf. Race day entries are open between 7am and 8:30am on the boardwalk, down in the sun, on the boardwalk, we’ll be havin’ some fu-un… Harris Farm puts on a magnificent spread of fruit for afters, which makes it worthwhile by itself. It really is a triffic day out.
  • Further information – Email… click here… or call Peter Simms 0427 801 674 and download event flyer
  • Progress entries – To check your entry, see the Progress online entries list… click here
  • Parking – On-street in Balmain often is tight, but shouldn’t be a problem if you arrive early. You also could catch public transport: bus down Darling St, Balmain.