1st August, 2012

Australia’s Premier referee, Danny Flahive, takes time out of his Olympic schedule to give us an idea of what is involved in being an Olympic Referee.

I have been travelling for 2months with both the men’s and women’s teams before arriving in London for the Olympics.

On arrival was picked up from the airport rushed through customs as being part of the Olympics, no queues no waiting.

Now not part of the Aussie teams but part of the FINA family as they say. The refs don’t mix with the teams until the competition is finished.

Our hotel is a 5 min walk to the pool but outside of the village.

There are 26 refs here. On the men’s game day only 12 are required and on women’s game day only 8.

First day of competition was given the USA v Montenegro game great thrill to be doing an Olympic match. Game was very exciting with USA the winner by 1 goal. No game the following day but on the 3 day was appointed to the Hungry v Montenegro match was again a very exciting and close game with Montenegro winning by 1.

The refs are appointed to there games at the end of the last match that is played ,so have to wait till then to see if I receive another game.

A little insight to how it works