Nice noisy Marseille

Nice noisy Marseille

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I had sent an update. Last time I wrote it was before our game against Nice.

Nice – 11/02/12: An amazing win for us, we got up 9-7 and it put us second in the league. It’s a 4.5hr drive up there and the stands were full with a couple of hundred erratic Nice supporters. The kick out count against us was ridiculous, I think 17 or 18 Kickouts for us and only 5 Nice players were kicked out. That should give you an understanding of how FANTASTIC the refereeing was. The odds were very stacked against us, so to come out with the win was awesome. Our defense won us the match with everyone making big blocks and even stopping 2 double exclusions. Nice are a team with very experienced senior players and some young guns. They are the fittest team in the comp. But we managed to stick with them and even finished the match with a couple of counter attack goals against them. I scored 1 goal, our first of the game, I was quite far out but I saw the goalie was a touch off center and he wasn’t focusing on me so I took the risk. I made 1 bad mistake in the match shooting when no one was in a position to cover me which resulted in a goal. However the rest of the match I was solid and happy with my performance. I played 3quarters also.

CN Noisy-Le-Sec – 18/02/12: A very easy game we won 27 – 4. I scored 2, 1 penalty , 1 counter attack and made a fair few assist, and numerous steals on the perimeter. The whole team played awesome hence the score, couldn’t complain about anything.

Barcelona 27/02/12: Went drove to Barcelona for the day to help prepare the team for the game against Marseille as we didn’t have a match the previous weekend. We left Montpellier at 8am and arrived at 12 in Barca. We trained against Terrassa, who are 3rd/4th ranked team in the Spanish League. We weren’t great in the morning game as we played in a 23m narrow pool (due to the juniors training also). In the night session after a very long day, we played really well and in a full 30m pool. I think we won the match but we just played for 1hr straight. We came straight back to Montpellier after the session and dinner and got home at 3am.

Marseille – 3/03/12: (some highlights of the game)

Our biggest match of the season so far as it was the decider for the 1st place position on the ladder….and we won 12-9 in Marseille! The game was incredible. We had an amazing game with everyone really stepping up to the challenge. We played press and into deep zone off the right handers as they have strong centre forwards who are more dangerous than their shooters. We stayed up on their left hander who is a very solid player and gave him a lot of attention in xman defence. Our centre forwards had a remarkable game, earning 2 penalties, 3 goals and a lot of exclusions which we capitalized on. The crowd was very into the game, with a couple of hundred people and some decent support that came up from Montpellier.

I had a solid match playing 3 quarters. I scored 3 goals, 1 long shot when they were zoning back, 1 xman goal and one goal off a foul outside the 5m and a shot. I was swimming hard and working well in defence. They have a very good Serbian player whom I was marking the majority of the game. He is very strong under the water and is most effective when he is driving in centre forward as a second center. He got me excluded once at the start of the match when he caught me with my hands in the water and scored 1 goal off me at the end of the match when he went in as second centre on me. However I managed to keep him at bay for a majority of the match and I scored 2 goals against him. So It was an awesome game and we are now at the top of the ladder.

Now for a croissant and a baguette,