Bre Appel

Bre Appel

DOB 15 May 1991 | Tiger Since 2008

Hometown Gymea, NSW | Rep Honours 2007 Junior World Champs (Gold), 2007-10 Junior Australian Team (Captain), 2008-09 Senior Squad/AIS, 2009-10 Junior Australian Player of the Year


Relationship status? SINGLE!!!!

What did you want to be when you grew up? School Teacher

What’s your number? 8

Favourite meal? Chicken Shnitt with Mushrooms and gravy and Veges

Best song to dance to? Anything beyonce

What makes Balmain the best club? The social Life, DAWNIE and the Sausage sandwiches

What Balmain player past or present would you like to go on tour with and why? Lizi Simms- She always makes me smile, and theres never a dull moment when shes around

What is your favourite Balmain moment? Playing down Dawnie in the sun, then after Sunbaking, Drinking, eating, then going to Janice Falzons to get ready for a big Tiger night

What should be the theme for the Balmain Christmas party? Come dressed as a fellow Tiger, past or present

Who would win King of the Pontoon now? Jayde Appel or Joel

Do you know the Balmain club song? I know the “Were from Tigerland” part, but thats it

Superman or Batman? Superman

Cat Girl or Wonder Woman? Explain. Cat Girl- I like her costume better!!

Spewer or chucker? haha SPEWER

If you had to bring back one of following Balmain Club traditions which would it be (and why): Drinking race for best and fairest at the end of a day home games at Dawn Fraser polo. My FAV tradition, because we can celebrate the end of a good day down at dawnie!