Ashley Bower

Ashley Bower

DOB 02 Oct 1984 | Tiger Since 2000

Hometown Bondi, NSW | Rep Honours Australian Juniors


Relationship status? Living with Child

What did you want to be when you grew up? Broadway star

What’s your number? 12

Favourite meal? Hot chips – it’s a meal

Best song to dance to? This Is How We Do it – Montell Jordan

What makes Balmain the best club? People + Dawny = The best

What Balmain player past or present would you like to go on tour with and why? Danielle Bower because she could cook Mars Bar slice for me all tour (but her mouth would have to be taped shut so I she didn’t tell me how bad it is for me and how much exercise I will need to do to burn it off)

What is your favourite Balmain moment? Layla Smith throwing balls in the half time break at the Chinese national team when they were getting abused by their coach for losing to us.

What should be the theme for the Balmain Christmas party? Rubix Cube party – you have to dress up with one item of clothing for each colour of a rubix cube. By the end of the night you have to be one particular colour (switch clothes with people)

Who would win King of the Pontoon now? Troy Delany

Do you know the Balmain club song? No

Superman or Batman? Superman

Cat Girl or Wonder Woman? Explain. Wonder Woman – the outfit is better

Spewer or chucker? Spewer

If you had to bring back one of following Balmain Club traditions which would it be (and why): Drinking race for best and fairest at the end of a day home games at Dawn Fraser polo. Best incentive to play well – free drinks